Sentinel becomes #1 Amazon bestseller

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 08.13.07This week, young adult fantasy novel Sentinel became a #1 bestseller on Amazon. During a three day promotional period in which Sentinel was available to own for free, over 5,500 copies of the novel were downloaded across the globe.

The book rocketed to the top of the Amazon free books chart. In the US, Sentinel was the #1 bestselling fantasy in the Teen Fantasy, Epic and Swords & Sorcery categories for the entire three days.

In the UK, Sentinel reached #7 in the Fantasy Epic category and #9 in the Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery & Horror category.

“I’m gobsmacked by the sheer number of people who have taken an interest in Sentinel,” author Joshua Winning said. “When I set up the promotion, I was hoping for a handful of downloads at best. To reach those sorts of numbers is mind-blowing.”

Countries including the USA, UK, Germany, Italy and India all contributed to the success of the promotion.

Sentinel Amazon #1 bestsellerSharon Stevenson, a fantasy author living in the UK, was one of the people who downloaded Sentinel over the three day sale.

“The cover caught my eye, then I read the blurb and saw the words ‘unconventional heroes’ and that sold it for me!” she said.

“I saw that it was on free offer in a post on a fantasy group on Goodreads. I was already interested in reading it so I downloaded it right away.”

After the success of Sentinel‘s three day promotion, Joshua Winning is finalising plans to release a print copy of the book.

Sentinel is a dark young adult fantasy set in contemporary Cambridge. It follows fifteen-year-old Nicholas Hallow and seventy-one-year-old Samuel Wilkins, whose lives hang in the balance as demons descend on the city. But who are the Sentinels?

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