Wednesday Warble: Routine? What routine?

joshua winning sentinel blog postEvery Wednesday (or whenever he feels like it), Sentinel author Joshua Winning will be checking in to variously vent, whine and blab about a topic that’s playing havoc with his tiny little mind .

This week: routine.

Is there a word out there more boring than ‘routine’?

Admit it; there was a part of you that took one look at the title of this post and promptly fell into a coma, wasn’t there? Routine means hoovering the stairs, cramming into a tin can to travel to work and brushing your teeth twice a day (more if you love coffee). It’s painfully dull, and, frankly, we shouldn’t have to do it.

Yet this week I’ve been pretzelling myself into all sorts of magnificent shapes attempting to establish something called a writing routine. (Oh, the glamour.) Why? Because I’m told by various internet strangers (and many other non-internet strangers) that routine is pivotal to writing.

‘It gets the juices flowing!’ they holler. ‘Writing’s like a muscle – use it or loose it!’

Hence my daily trek to a local supermarket café that’s located conveniently near to the office I’m currently freelancing at. Yes, it resembles God’s waiting room and yes, the all-day breakfast looks like something you’d throw in a trough, but something quite miraculous has happened on these lunchtime jaunts.

I’ve started writing. In fact, I can’t stop. I sit down, plug into my iPod, and for 40 blissful minutes I re-enter the world of the Sentinels.

I’m currently hacking away at book two of the Sentinel trilogy (Ruins). There was a period of inactivity that came with releasing and promoting the first book, and the thrill of having people actually read my stuff.

With Sentinel now having enjoyed a little bit of success (read more about that here), I’m officially back in the swing of writing, and I’m loving it. Ideas are firing, characters are growing, and the book’s finally – finally! – taking shape in front of my eyes.

Not only that, but lugging my laptop across London every day is giving me a great cardio workout (even if the other commuters have made a few grumbles about the space-hogging backpack).

So, alright, those goodie-two-shoes routine-lovers might have it right after all. There might actually be something to this routine thing. For now, I’m a convert…

– Joshua Winning

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