Sentinel review by Sharon Stevenson

‘Sentinel’ is the story of Nicholas, a 15-year-old boy who loses both parents tragically and then finds out they had been keeping a major secret from him.  

I was captivated by this book from start to finish!  I thought the characters were well written and the good guys were easy to like.  There was a solid sense of realism making everything feel that much more authentic; from Nicholas’ grief at his parents death to a couple of characters coping with a dad with Alzheimer’s.  The story itself was mysterious with action-packed sequences and a few nicely plotted twists and turns. There were definitely some surprises I did not see coming!

I had no complaints with this book.  This was a quick, easy read that kept me intrigued and entertained.  There were some very emotional moments and the ending just made me want more!  I very much look forward to the next part of this trilogy.

This is suitable for YA readers and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys fantasy novels.  The story is excellent and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

This review originally appeared on Sharon Stevenson’s website here.

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