Moon Dwellers author David Estes reviews Sentinel

David Estes, author of fantastic young adult novels The Moon Dwellers and Fire Country, has reviewed Sentinel. Find out what he had to say below…

Adventure, twists, demons and mystery abound in this spellbinding tale of a hidden earthly underworld. Fantastic world building and colorful prose make for a magical journey to an ancient war between the hellish demons and their allies, and the Sentinels, the protectors of humankind. Winning manages to strike a balance between what feels like historical fiction and a contemporary story of heroism and sacrifice. All roads in this story lead to a heart-racing ending that will have you tapping furiously to get to the next screen on your e-reader.

Hats off to Joshua Winning for an epic tale that leaves the reader wanting more!

While the only thing missing was a love story, I hardly missed it as I was more focused on the secret of what the main character, Nicholas, really was and his importance in the story.

Read David Estes’ original review at Goodreads.

Find out more about David Estes and his books at his official website.

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