Wall-To-Wall Books review of Sentinel

Wall-To-Wall Books have been kind enough to review Sentinel. Check out their 5-star review below…

Sentinel Joshua Winning book cover ravenThis book is creeee-py! I loved it, absolutely loved it! The author hooks you right from the very beginning.

I have always loved thrillers – movies, TV, books – whatever. Being a huge fan of Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Ted Dekker etc – It takes a lot to give me goosebumps or chills. This book gave me goosebumps on top of my chills! Even with all its scary, creepiness it was a fun and gripping story that I could not put down!

I don’t know why but it almost had a Gothic feel to it that I really liked! And talk about suspense.. the suspense in this story is incredible. There were times when I sat there reading with my hand over my mouth just waiting for something to happen (with chills on my goosebumps of course LOL).

There were a lot of great characters in here, all done very well. But my favorite was Isabel the cat! Ha! You’ll have to read it to find out why.

Besides great character development, the other thing I look for in a book is the visualization, can I picture it, does it feel like I am there? Score! This story had great visuals. It felt like I was watching a movie in my head. The descriptions are so good that even at the creepiest and strangest parts, I had no trouble understanding and picturing everything.

At the end of the book I read that the author studied film and writes forTotal Film, Grolsch Film Works, and movieScope. – Well no wonder the book felt like I was watching a movie!!!

Well I will be definitely be looking for the rest of this series! If you love a good thriller or suspense novel – this is definitely one you want to pick up! Very original, easy, quick, and creepy read! Note to Joshua (author) – Next book please!

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