Long Road Sixth Form College: Published author enthrals students

Long Road Sixth Form Sentinel Joshua Winning Joshua Winning, author of the Sentinel trilogy, gave a presentation this week about his work as a film journalist and writer. Joshua is a freelance journalist working for various film publications and is a contributing editor to Total Film. He will be going to the Sundance Film Festival in Utah next spring.

Karen Everitt, Learning Resource Centre Manager, who organised the talk , explains: “The talk took place in a packed Learning Resource Centre to an enthralled audience of English, Film and Media students. Joshua started by discussing the need to understand and adapt writing styles for different publications. He then highlighted the importance of disciplining yourself to write every day. He stressed that you should be proud of what you write while being receptive to and using constructive criticism. He talked about self-publishing as a first step – he did it and was then contacted by a publisher. He read an extract from Sentinel, which has Cambridge as a setting, describing lyrically the Fitzwilliam Museum at night – you could have heard a pin drop.

“He then gave us a sneak peak of some publicity ideas (which we can’t of course divulge!) for the next instalment in the Sentinel trilogy, Ruin, due for publication in spring 2015. “Students asked questions about how much planning was involved; whether plot and characters evolve or the book is constructed around a set plan; how to make contacts in film journalism to enable access to stars/directors etc.; and how you pitch article ideas to publications in order to get work.

The talk was extremely well received, and many students stayed behind afterwards to ask questions or have copies of Sentinel signed by Joshua. He has also promised to come back next year to talk more about creative writing and his new book.”

From the Long Road Sixth Form College website here.

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