Ruins is out now!

Ruins Sentinel Trilogy Joshua WinningWe can’t believe the day is here at last, but it’s true – Ruins is finally out! We’re really proud of it – it’s bigger, scarier and even weirder than Sentinel (you better believe it), and introduces a load of exciting new characters while throwing Nicholas, Sam and Isabel into even more terrifying adventures. Can they find the girl who holds the key to their fate? You’ll have to crack that spine to find out!

You can get your copy of Ruins at a number of retailers, including Amazon UK, Amazon US and the Peridot Press website.

And don’t forget you can read more about the book right here at Sentinel Trilogy HQ. The Ruins page includes a Q&A with author Joshua Winning, and we’re working on even more exciting exclusives that take you deeper into the world of the Sentinels – and those spooky Dark Prophets.

But what are you waiting for? Go grab your copy of Ruins and be sure to let us know what you think.

And we’d love if you would Tweet and Facebook about it. Share the Sentinel love with everybody who knows that dark fantasy is the best thing ever. Because obviously it is.

Right, we’re off to celebrate at the Ruins launch party – be sure to check back for pictures from the event!

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