That’ll Be The Books review of Ruins

Ruins Sentinel Trilogy Joshua WinningAshleigh over at That’ll Be The Books has posted a fantastic review of Ruins. Thanks so much, Ashleigh! You can check out her thoughts on the second book in The Sentinel Trilogy below…

First of all, I have to say that this book had me reeling from the very beginning. Once again, we are pulled into the action straight from the start, and it doesn’t let up until the last page is turned. At times, I honestly felt bad for our characters because they could not seem to catch a break!

We meet some new characters this time, and they are just as lovely as the ones we already know. There’s Rae, who is a little hard to like, but she is very interesting, which caused me to cut her some slack. She’s very tough, but also vulnerable, which will make for some interesting developments in the next installment. We also meet Dawn. She is also from a Sentinel family, and I really liked her. She’s very shy, and very smart. She also likes purple! She was my favorite newcomer, probably because I related to her the most of anyone.

We also get to know some new bad guys, and Malika is back to bother us some more. She’s stronger this time, and just as entertaining! This story is darker than the previous one, giving us a closer look at the monsters that inhabit the world of the Sentinels. I was incredibly creeped out by the “big bad” monster. I get chills if I think about it too hard!

I feel like I absolutely flew through this book, only stopping when I really was forced to do so. So much happens and it just pulls the reader through in a whirlwind! The second half of the story really drew me in with so many twists that I honestly did not see coming. It makes for a wonderful set up for the next book. I’m really looking forward to learning how the rest of the story will unfold.

This review originally posted at That’ll Be The Books.

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