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Hey everybody! It’s been exactly a week since Splinter was released, and the response has been amazing so far. Reviews have been popping up all over the place, so we thought we’d collect them all in one spot for you to enjoy – and if you want to read the full reviews, you can click the links to each blog below.

Here goes…

SciFi Now
“A wild ride, as we have come to expect from Joshua Winning. ”

Bookmark That
‘Basically, if you come to me asking for a YA or sci-fi recommendation, you’re gonna get this. And then you’re tied in for three books. You’re welcome. Sorry definitely not sorry.’
Read the full review here

The Eloquent Page
‘As the plot rattles towards its climax, the action remains exciting and unpredictable. You could easily compare events to scenes in a Hollywood movie. Swords and crossbows versus tooth and claw, talk about breath-taking.’
Read the full review here

Bibliophile Book
‘I was so invested in all the characters and was genuinely gutted that their story is complete. I loved the climax to Splinter, no spoilers but WOW I was not expecting that!’
Read the full review here

A Fantastical Librarian
‘Splinter offers a wonderful resolution to the tale told in the Sentinel trilogy, even if I’m a little sad to say goodbye to Nicholas, Isabel and friends. Winning ties up all of the loose ends while leaving you with the feeling that Nicholas’ and the Sentinels’ story continues after you close the book.’
Read the full review here

Between The Pages
★★★★★ “This book is definitely my favourite out of the three, and from the minute I was sent it, I couldn’t put it down. The story takes such a brilliant turn, and I love how Joshua writes his characters to have so much depth and development.”
Read the full review here

Wall-To-Wall Books
“Splinter was just brilliant, the best one yet. It took me back to what I loved about book one. When you keep reading a book because you just HAVE to know what happens – that’s a great book.”
Read the full review here


You can buy The Sentinel Trilogy on Amazon UK & Amazon US.

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