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World of Sentinel

Joshua Winning takes us into the rules of the world of Sentinel… Creating magical worlds is one of the great joys of writing. Growing up, I loved escaping into Narnia and the alternate Oxford of His Dark Materials. When I started writing the Sentinel Trilogy, one of the most exciting things was creating my own… Continue reading World of Sentinel

Origins of the trilogy

How a book I wrote as a kid turned into the Sentinel Trilogy I still have an early version of Sentinel hidden away in a box under my bed, like some sort of gremlin. I wrote it when I was 15. It was called Crystals Of Destiny (I can’t remember why) and it’s an adorable… Continue reading Origins of the trilogy


Sometimes, when you’re reading a good book, words jump right off the page at you. And if you’re an artist, you might turn those words into pictures, like these clever people. Got your own Sentinel artwork? We’d love to see it! Get in touch with us here. Sentinel poster by Eli Allison To celebrate the… Continue reading Artwork


“Forget everything you know and study this guide. It could save your life…” From the not-so-secret blog of Violet Trench: Monsters, witches, psychics… I shouldn’t be telling you this, but they’re all real. The world is full of weird, terrifying things, and for the past ten years, it’s been my job to study them. My… Continue reading Demonology