Sometimes, when you’re reading a good book, words jump right off the page at you. And if you’re an artist, you might turn those words into pictures, like these clever people.

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Sentinel poster by Eli Allison

To celebrate the release of Splinter, Joshua asked artist Eli Allison to create a movie poster-style piece of art that included pretty much all of the big players in the Sentinel universe – and this is the amazing result!

Sentinel - Eli Allison(Click the image to view high-res)

You can read all about how Eli created the poster over at her blog.

Sentinel training by Troy H. Gardner

Not only is Troy H. Gardner a fantastic author, he’s also handy with the drawing, too! Because he’s a big fan of Nicholas and Merlyn, he created this super-cool portrait of the duo, inspired by their scenes together in Splinter.

Sentinel Training

(Click the image to view high-res)

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