“Forget everything you know and study this guide. It could save your life…”

demon woodcut

From the not-so-secret blog of Violet Trench:

Monsters, witches, psychics… I shouldn’t be telling you this, but they’re all real. The world is full of weird, terrifying things, and for the past ten years, it’s been my job to study them.

My name is Violet Trench (no, that’s not my real name, I’m not that stupid). I’m a demonologist. I was born a Sentinel, so demons are pretty much my life whether I like it or not.

In case you were wondering, there are monsters everywhere. That feeling you get when you’re sure somebody’s following you home at night, but there’s nobody else around? Sometimes it’s nothing. Sometimes it’s not.

That’s why I’ve put this guide together. If the Sentinels ever found out about it… Well, they wouldn’t be happy. But somebody has to throw ordinary people a bone. You’re not in on the secret and that sucks – you’re like sitting ducks waiting to be shot. Or gutted. Or cut into pieces.

My advice: forget everything you know and study this guide. It could just save your life.

 – Violet Trench (still not my real name), demonologist

The Good

angelsThe Trinity
Mysterious, god-like figures revered by Sentinels, the Trinity were around at the waking of the world. They retired after defeating the Dark Prophets, but they’ll return one day when the world needs them most.

Translating from the old tongue as “guardian”, the Vaktarin is a powerful, benevolent priestess. She acts as the link between the Trinity and the Sentinels, and offers counsel in all matters related to the protection of innocents. Her word is final.

An ancient creature recruited by the Trinity in the days when the world was young (yeah, ages ago), Esus is formidable and unpredictable. Nobody has ever seen his face, which is hidden behind a silver mask. He’s often linked to a raven, which is the Sentinel insignia.

Guards. Detectives. Killers. Sentinels are the agents of the Trinity. They’re stationed all over the world and it’s their job to watch for signs of emergent evil and protect the innocent.

Elite Sentinels, Hunters are prize fighters who track demons.

A select few Sentinels are born with special abilities. Some people call them “psychics”, but Sensitives don’t read cards or perform seances (mostly). They’re able to tap into spirit waves and sometimes even predict the future.

That’s me. Demonologists are experts in all things monster. And yes, I sleep like a baby at night.

The Bad

deviklThe Dark Prophets
Like the Trinity, the Dark Prophets emerged during the dawn of our world. They exist only to spread chaos and destruction. They were banished to the demon planes by the Trinity during the Great Battle.

High-ranking demons, Adepts are the henchmen of the Dark Prophets. Though they were banished with the Prophets, Adepts are wily schemers always foraging for ways back into our world. A particularly cunning Adept is the demon Diltraa.

Often corrupted humans, Familiars live to serve their demonic Adepts. They are an Adept’s eyes and fists in our world, and Familiars are known for their craftiness.

Not much is known about her, except that she’s the Familiar of the demon Diltraa. Sightings of Malika date back to the 1600s and she’s feared as a vicious manipulator. Reports that she’s unkillable and can control weak minds remain unconfirmed.

Lone hunters, Harvesters are the mortal enemies of the Sentinels. Savage and skilled in battle, they’re experts at infiltration and disguise, which makes them almost impossible to spot. Recent reports suggest that select Harvesters have started using a weaponised gauntlet, which is rumoured to turn Sentinels bad.

The Ugly

Sentinel Joshua Winning monster demon uglyDemons
There are more types of demon than there are names for them. They’re your worst nightmare brought to life. Ancient, evil, and they pretty much only care about torturing you, killing you, and eating you. Not always in that order.

A wild, reptilian demon with blood-red eyes and giant metal claws. Devours lost souls.

Flying demon. Think gargoyles brought to life, only mangier, smellier and with more teeth than you can count.

A black hound with an elongated jaw and four eyes. It stalks urban areas and its pups are a special kind of deadly.

This demon has no eyes, which is why it always goes for yours. Its sucker mouth pops eyeballs like grapes before it slithers into your skull and eats your brains.

A demon with poisonous, scaly skin. One got caught in a reservoir in the 1980s and poisoned an entire town.